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What Motivates Bill Gates? How Does His Thinking Work?

what motivates bill gates

Just a few days ago, I saw a trailer of a documentary based on the legendary personality Bill Gates. He was asked, “What is your worst fear?”. Bill Gates answered, “I don’t want my brain to stop working.” This is the attitude that motivates Bill Gates. His attitude is the ultimate source of his motivation.

When I watched the first twenty seconds of the trailer, my admiration for Bill Gates increased infinitely. The way he was answering the questions was giving me immense motivation.


Why Does Bill Gates Have A Unique Personality?

I can’t believe that such a fantastic personality can even exist. I don’t think he is one of us or it is like he came from some other planet, because he has a drastic intelligence. He doesn’t want to stop the flow of creativity in his mind. Bill Gates wants that his mind should always remain busy in doing something new and innovative.

Now, let me come to a TV Show based on him. Firstly, I would like to thank the person who suggested the name of the TV Show to the director. The name itself is very interesting and I would suggest you all to watch this show. The name of the show is “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”.

He wants to progress, he wants development, he wants empowerment but he never prays for a break. He has utilized his powers of mind completely and every day he is pumping his mind to invent more powers and fabulous ideas. This attitude of Bill Gates towards his work motivates him to do more.

Bill Gates Is A Fiercely Intelligent Person

He doesn’t want his brain to stop working and we are not letting our brains start working, and that’s the difference. We are just surrounded by the vibes of laziness. Laziness is controlling our mind, laziness has created many obstacles in our mind which stops our mind from running efficiently.

Try to concentrate on the heading, I have written fiercely intelligent instead of writing only intelligent. Why? Because I think there is a difference between ‘intelligent’ and ‘fiercely intelligent’. The person who is just intelligent can also be lazy sometimes, but the person who is ‘fiercely Intelligent’ can never be lazy his whole life.

Because he has a fierce mind and fierce thoughts which help him to overcome laziness. Be fiercely intelligent, you can achieve every aim of your life! He has no place in his mind for the entertainment of laziness, because his mind is always engaged in making some new innovations.

Bill Gates Motivates Himself In A Very Different Way

His mind has an attitude of enthusiasm that motivates him. Another amazing documentary dialogue that astonished me was when Bill stills himself, he can pull ideas together that other people can’t see. Bill Gates has the ability to pull all different ideas into a single room and invent something new from those pre-existing ideas.

Inventing ideas is important to be successful, but to pull the existing ideas into the library of mind and innovating a single invention from those multiple existing ideas is equally important to make you successful. The curiosity to develop something new motivates Bill Gates.

He looks at everything with that childish curiosity of what more can we do with this product so that it can satisfy multiple desires. They say that Every reform is born out of a crisis.” But in the case of Bill Gates, “Every reform was born out of a Curiosity.” Microsoft is the result of his extraordinary efforts to turn his curiosity into a real product.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, I would like to explain a very famous quote by Bill Gates. He says, “We are not even close to completing the basic dream of what the PC can be.” This line is enough to prove that he still has a lot of things in his mind to develop a PC in such a drastic way that can’t be described.

He believes that he still has not developed the best, and still the magic has not happened. I can say that his curiosity will one day turn into supernatural power and we will witness glamorous magic.

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